Monday, September 15, 2014

STEM Chat with Claire Duggan

STEM chat
STEM chat with Claire Duggan
September 15, 2014
Claire Duggan, Director for Programs and Operations, The Center for STEM Education, Northeastern University
If I could tell a young woman pursuing STEM one thing it would be – seek out female mentors pursing STEM pathways – teachers/neighbors/family members.

To me, a successful woman is someone that knows themselves, pursue their passions, but never forgets to make time for the people they come in contact with personally and professionally

In high school, I wish I had known more STEM professionals and/or had the opportunity to participate in stem research experience – especially in engineering. I had no knowledge of the field and career pathways available when I was in high school.

The very next thing on my to do list is to commit to paper several ideas I have for new STEM K-12 educational efforts.

The best way to unwind after a long day is is to play with my grandchildren.

If I had a one year sabbatical I would travel around the world and visit schools/classrooms to see firsthand how we are educating children across the globe - then move to build collaborations and accelerate the sharing of best practices.

The biggest misconception about women in stem is they are all the same

I'm proud that I have helped with the development and implementation of multiple STEM education initiatives and now am supporting young students and faculty seeking to engage in this work.

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