Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Change Your Innovation Life with Susan Cain, Tom Kelley, Steve Blank & More at FEI

TED Phenom Susan Cain, Best Selling Author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts will radically change your point of view on the best ways to develop leaders, manage teams, make smart hires and stimulate innovation.

Learn how to think, grow and innovate like startups in the FEI Startup Lab. Or join lean startup guru STEVE BLANK as he leads 3M, Intuit and Goodyear in a panel on lean in large organizations.

May 18-20, 2015
Boston World Trade Center & Seaport

Download the brochure for full program details: http://bit.ly/1doIVux

Tom Kelley of IDEO empowers you to use creative experimentation to reduce the cost of failure and gain valuable learnings before the launch of your new idea.

As innovators, we are tasked with discovering the thing that isn't yet visible. Cirque du Soleil's creative director explores the "body-mind-soul" connection in innovation problem solving during an FEI Studio Session (additional studio sessions from NASA, LEGO Serious Play, Johnson & Johnson and W.L. Gore)

Turns out it has a hunger for innovation as well.

Discover the key to building a culture of innovation that delivers sustainable results with Chief Technology Officers from Shire, Analog Devices and Computer Science Corp.

Get behind the scenes at some of Boston's most innovative companies (Pfizer, HubSpot, Reebok, Optum Labs, MassChallenge, Shire, Fidelity Ventures) to see and hear first-hand how their physical environments fuel their innovation engines.

Imagine a process where all the most important issues could be raised and priorities could be set and action plans made. Eli Lilly leads a full day open space experience to collaborative "fix" the start/stall innovation frustration in your organization.

ChangeHeroes.com's Taylor Conroy launched a ground-breaking funding platform that raised over $1million to fund schools and libraries in 12 developing countries. FEIers will build a school together - rethinking how we calibrate success and define happiness.

...if you're not keeping pace. Singularity University's Salim Ismail explores a new breed of organizations scaling at a pace unimaginable just a few years ago, and how to compete.

And so do Steve Blank and Susan Cain. Pick the brains of the world's most brilliant thinkers in FEI UNCUT Q&A sessions. This is unprecedented "behind the curtain" access. 

Use code FEI15LI for $100 off the current rate: http://bit.ly/1doIVux

We hope to see in Boston next month!

The FEI 2015 Team


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