Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Story/My Advice: Linda Graf

This My Story/My Advice post features Linda Graf, retired Engineer and Scientist at Pfizer. The My Story/My Advice project, brought to you by The Women in STEM Summit, which highlights women in STEM that are persisting in STEM fields and making a difference. It also gives their personal advice to the next generation of young women looking for encouragement to persist in STEM.

Linda’s Story:

I am a retired engineer and scientist. I worked over 41 years in the field, because I loved it and thought it was fun. I started out as a premed student but when that failed I went into chemistry and never looked back. From there, my fun led me to chemical engineering and then into management. I always wanted to write a book about what woman in the field were subjected to, including me, and how I was able to combat the remarks and isolation to retire happily. My book just got published and is titled "To Caroline- Love, Auntie". It is the story of a little girl named Caroline whose career options are unlimited because of the women who fought for the right to work in the male-predominant fields of science and engineering.

Linda’s Advice:

Don't ever let anyone discourage you from what you want to do. You will be great at whatever you choose if it comes from the heart.

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