Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Women in STEM Stories: Betsy Myers

What does it take to keep kids engaged in STEM coursework and retained in STEM jobs?  Maybe it used to be easier and there wasn’t such an urgent need for discussion, but right now in America it’s hard to have a conversation that doesn’t touch on this topic.  Those conversations are full of passion, opinion, and sometimes controversy but always seem to end with optimism that if the rightpeople are working together to create change…it will happen. 

The IIR Women in STEM Idea Exchange Summit taking place on October 21, 2014 at the Center forWomen and Business at Bentley University in Massachusetts is convening the people who are dedicated to making a difference and being part of changing the current paradigm.

One iconic woman in STEM, Betsy Myers, Founding Director, Center for Women and Business, Bentley University will be the featured speaker at the Summit and will kick off the day with a provocative presentation tracing her own career path from the work she is currently doing at the Center for Women & Business at Bentley University, to her roles in the Clinton Administration, the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership, and the Obama Presidential Campaign. 

She will help attendees better understand what it will take to continue closing the confidence gap for women, how to confront the balance question, (“Is it really possible?”), the different leadership styles of men and women, and leadership necessary for the next generation of women.  She will address why engaging men as full partners to advance women in business is the next best step towards action. “Men are not the problem, but the key factor for a productive solution.”

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Register for Women in STEM today to listen, learn, discuss and be inspired by Betsy Myers and many other leaders looking to close the gender gap and promote women in STEM careers:
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