Monday, June 2, 2014

Women in STEM Stories: Talmesha Richards

In conjunction with our Women in STEM Summits, we are featuring a series of Women in STEM success stories, which highlight everyday inspiration from women making a difference and shaping the future of STEM.

The Women in STEM Idea Exchange Summits, brought to you by IIR USA, have been designed to facilitate discussion and action by addressing the question of ‘how to engage women in STEM education and retain them in STEM careers'.  Join us in Boston, NYC, DC and San Francisco to make connections and participate in the movement to feed the STEM pipelines of America’s corporations. 

One iconic woman in STEM, Talmesha Richards Ph.D. Cellular and Molecular Medicine, STEMconnector, Director of Project Partnerships, has one incredible story to tell.

Here’s an excerpt of Talmesha's story:

My love for math began in the third grade. My teacher, Mrs. Brown, noticed that I was using my fingers during a multiplication quiz. She pulled me aside after class and taught me some of the tricks used to solve multiplication problems. She opened me up to a world where math was fun and at that point I was hooked. My love for math was quickly followed by a love for science.

Read the rest of Tamelsha’s story and her advice by visiting the Women in Stem website:

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