Thursday, June 19, 2014

Women in STEM Stories: Nicole Richard

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers are characterized by innovation, exploration and progress.  With the right qualifications and the drive to succeed, anyone can thrive in a STEM career, especially women.  The challenge is this: how can we get more women to shrug off the preconceived notion that the STEM world is a man’s world?  

Our solution is to find some of the brightest and most inspiring women in STEM fields today, and have them share their stories and even some advice on how they managed to succeed with all odds against them.  

In her own words, Senior Project Manager at LabVIEW, Nicole Richard, describes her path to working in STEM:

 “I took a programming class in high school, and the logic of it just clicked with me. I found myself spending my lunch hour modifying my hangman program to add an ambulance that would drive across the screen to cart the figure off. Since I liked programming and knew I could make a good living at it, I decided to major in Computer Engineering. However, throughout college and my early career, I struggled with feelings that engineering wasn't the right fit for me. Then one day I got the opportunity to begin working with LEGO to design robotics systems for kids, and a whole new relationship to engineering and the opportunities it offers to really make an impact in the world started to open up for me. I've discovered and developed a passion for using technology to open up new educational opportunities for kids, particularly in underserved areas of the world.”

Stories like Nicole’s are music to our ears.  They are the reason we, at IIR USA, believe the Women in STEM Idea Exchange Summits have the potential to change the world.  If we are able to show just one girl the potential of a career in STEM, we would be making a difference.

The first of four STEM Exchange Summits will take place on October 21, 2014 at the Center for Women and Business at Bentley University in Massachusetts.  Corporations will have the opportunity to make one-on-one connections with students who are possible future employees, while students learn about the rewards of STEM career paths.

Help us change the face of STEM for good.

Register for Women in STEM today to listen, learn, discuss and be inspired:


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