Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Time for STEM is Now

What could be more important to President Obama than a visit from recent Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks?  Well, possibly a visit from a group of gifted young students to this year’s White House Science Fair.

“As a society we have to celebrate outstanding work by young people in science,” stated the President.  “Superstar biologists and engineers, and rocket scientists and robot builders, they don’t always get the attention they deserve, but they’re what’s going to transform society.”

The President’s words resonated within the exhibitions he oversaw.  Ranging from remote-operated vehicles that assist search-and-rescue dive teams, to potential cures for cancer and influenza, it is clear these young minds will push society into the future. 

This year’s science fair not only exposed the President to how bright America’s future is, but also incorporated a special focus on the young women behind these STEM inspired projects.  Of the twelve projects seen by President Obama, eight were led by or included women.  The presidential administration was very pleased by this as it hopes to generate a more youthful interest in STEM as well as the gender ratios of students who are studying these subjects, and with good reason. 

Women currently make up 59 percent of U.S college graduates, yet only 12 percent of those women graduate with a degree in a scientific field.  It is in the country’s best interest to integrate women into STEM fields.  More women in STEM professions will increase overall productivity as well as show the world what women are really capable of.  Just take a look at what the amazing minds at the White House Science Fair were able to accomplish.

Read about some of the amazing projects here: 

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