Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Interview with Genentech's Tina Larson

This week, we revisit the 2014 Biopharmaceutical Development and Production Week (BDP Week) with Tina Larson, Senior Director of Technical Development Operations and Engineering at Genentech.

Ms. Larson takes some time to speak with interviewers about what she believes is needed in the current biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and where she sees the industry going well into the future.

According to Larson, there are four major opportunities for innovation in her industry:
                      Improving the consistency of the manufacturing processes
              Looking at better drug delivery systems to improve outcomes for patients
              Developing increasingly sophisticated medicines for patients
               And improving facilities where products are made in order to meet the needs of future product requirements

Despite Larson’s enthusiasm for these innovative opportunities, she also mentions some challenges facing the industry:
               The delivery of new, highly sophisticated medicines to a market place has increasing pressures
             These pressures include increasingly tailored patient populations and the need to go global

When speaking of global expansion, Larson mentioned, “Patients in the U.S have had access to these sophisticated medicines, and now we really have an opportunity to take these medicines to every patient who needs them across the globe.”  She hopes to see this global expansion very soon.

Tina Larson has observed the growth of her industry first-hand over her almost two decades at Genentech.  She has particularly seen massive change in biopharmaceutical manufacturing over the last five years.

Watch Tina’s interview at: http://bit.ly/1iQQpZ9

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