Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pinterest Releases Demographic Data

After Google made the initial decision to release information about its employee demographics, others were sure to follow suit.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have since published their company numbers, and they are less than shocking.  

The results are in: the vast majority behind the workforce of Silicon Valley’s biggest powerhouses is men, and not just any men, but white men.
While this information is nothing new, it does raise already present concerns about the overwhelming gender and diversity issues surrounding the tech industry.

Below are the results from Pinterest’s employee demographic study.

According to the study, 79 percent of tech jobs at Pinterest are held by men as well as 81 percent of all leadership roles.  Not to mention a whopping 92 percent of Pinterest’s overall workforce is either White (50%) or Asian (42%). 

These numbers clearly show a need for change within the tech world. 

There are still a few major Silicon Valley tech companies that have yet to publish their demographic data, but they are all expected to be similar to what we have already seen from Google and Pinterest.

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