Thursday, August 6, 2015

My Story/My Advice: Lenore Kubie, Ph.D.

This My Story/My Advice post features Lenore Kubie, Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Research Associate
University of Wyoming. The My Story/My Advice project brought to you by The Women in STEM Summit highlights women in STEM that are persisting in STEM fields and making a difference. It also gives their personal advice to the next generation of young women looking for encouragement to persist in STEM.
Lenore’s Story:
My name is Lenore Kubie. I graduated with my PhD from the University of Rochester in August 2014. I study photoinduced charge transfer, and hope to continue my work studying ways to use solar energy to meet our growing energy demands. Specifically, over the last seven years I have studied the incorporation of nanomaterials into photovoltaic devices as a means of decreasing cost and increasing efficiency.

In the future, I hope to also continue doing outreach to help the people of the world understand and utilize solar energy. While working on my doctorate, I spent two summers in Ghana, Africa teaching school children and villages about solar energy, and new ways we can use light to power our world. Since defending, I have been trying to find a job in my field, and in the meantime I have been surviving on my savings and credit cards. I was not "above" getting an interim job at a supermarket or as a lab technician, but I was told I was "overqualified" for most of the jobs I applied for while I wasn't quite the right fit for many other jobs I applied for in my field. I have finally found a postdoc, which is a fantastic fit for me!

Unfortunately, I need to move out to Laramie, WY from Rochester, NY and I have no money to do it. This position does not offer any relocation money, and so I have created a GoFundMe to help with my moving van, a hotel stay for a night (or two) during the 24-hour car ride out there, and a down payment on an apartment. The campaign can be found here

Lenore’s Advice:
My advice to the next generation is to give as much as you can to the world! Get out there and get your hands dirty! I have been so humbled by people reaching out and contributing to my GoFundMe, and it has become awe-inspiring; it makes me want to give back even more.

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