Monday, August 3, 2015

The Women in STEM Summit Brochure is Ready for You!

IIR’s Women in Stem Summit brings together students from leading colleges pursuing STEM coursework, professionals in STEM fields and representatives from top companies looking to increase their STEM firepower. Join us for a day of learning, networking, and collaboration around talent acquisition and career development for women in STEM.

The Women in STEM Summit
October 22, 2015
Bentley University
Waltham, MA

Download the brochure to view the full agenda and speaking line-up:

Human Resource Executives:
Recruit women in stem and drive diversity in your firm

Women in STEM Careers:
Be an inspiration! Mentor and support young women into stem careers.

Academic Institutions:
Connect your female stem students to mentors, internships and jobs.

Register today:

P.S. Do you have a motivational story to tell? Share your professional journey (what interested you in STEM work, what kept you engaged) and personal advice to the next generation of women in STEM through our My Story/My Advice project:


The Women in STEM Summit Team 2015
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